Behind the Scenes at Amborella: Mother’s Day 2019

June 3, 2019

In the flower industry, there are several holidays throughout the year that we plan for; Valentine’s Day, the Christmas season, Easter… but Mother’s Day is by the far the biggest! Over a month of planning goes into the ordering, product design, and promotion aspect of the holiday, and an entire week of behind-the-scenes work goes into flower processing, order making, and interacting with hundreds of customers! We’d like to invite you behind the scenes at Amborella, into our back room where the magic happens, and give you a glimpse into our busiest week of the year!

Before all the craziness begins, there are several days of designing, and photographing products, ordering flowers, vases and all the necessary equipment, scheduling for the many phases of Mother’s Day, as well as processing thousands of flowers! Mother’s Day week we received flowers into the shop on Tuesday, Wednesday, AND Friday, which meant hours of removing leaves, trimming stems, and organizing flowers into their necessary categories. On top of regular orders, we had to organize and set aside product for the Mother’s Day special arrangements, peony subscriptions, and a couple of weddings.

Over the course of the week, we had around 400 orders delivered around Calgary, roughly 1000 bouquets and arrangements were made, and hundreds of walk-in customers who, with the help of our design team, selected product from our cooler for the special woman in their life! It is an amazing feeling knowing you are making something unique and special for someone who will truly love and appreciate it!

During any big holiday, there is so much more that goes into each day beyond business hours! Designers showed up at 6 am to begin the busy days, and some stayed until midnight getting ready for the next big day. Thursday to Sunday were all consistently busy, but it was Saturday that truly made this year record-breaking! Five designers stayed late on Friday night to get ready for the big day, and six were in throughout the day to get deliveries out the door, help customers, and prepare for Sunday. We also had four delivery drivers each taking over twenty deliveries in their designated area of the city, making a total of 21 team members coming and going over the course of the week!

These photos were taken early Sunday morning when the end was in site, but we were still in the thick of it! I think you can tell by the smiles on our faces that no matter how tired we all were, we truly love what we do, and who we work with. Amborella is a family; we work hard, but we do it around our friends, making something that we love. We truly believe we have the best job in the world!!

From all of us at Amborella, we hope you had an amazing Mother’s Day spent with family and friends (and hopefully some beautiful flowers).

xx Team Amborella

All photos taken by Christy Swanberg Photography