Plant Care

Tropical Plants

Proper watering and lighting are the most important components of tropical plant care, humidity and temperature also play a role.

  • Feel soil before watering, it should be evenly moist
  • Lighting should mimic its natural environment as best possible.
  • Keep the plant away from direct sunlight, diffused light is best!
  • Use filtered water

Cactus & Succulents

  • Let dry between watering (approx. every three weeks)
  • Place in a bright, sunny location
  • Don’t overwater!
  • Rotate your plant periodically
  • Use filtered water

*Note these are basic instructions, certain varieties of plants will require additional care. Please do your own research to ensure a successful healthy growing plant.

House Plants & Your Pet

We understand that your pet is a family member. We highly recommended that you ensure you take extra measures to ensure that plants are out of reach of your pets.

List of plants that we often carry that are NOT suitable for pet consumption:

  • Aloe
  • Azalea
  • Fiddle Leaf
  • Jade
  • Monstera
  • Pothos
  • Snake Plant
  • ZZ Plant

*Please do your own extensive research if you are concerned about your pet consuming any cut flowers or plants.

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