Land Of Daughters Soy Candles

$28 CAD

8 oz
Handmade in Calgary, AB, Canada
Burn time: up to 50 hours
100% soy wax
Lead free cotton wicks
Premium fragrance oils
Vegan, cruelty-free, phthalate-free + petroleum free

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    • 28 $
      A best-seller, and for good reason. This fragrance is distinctive and lively. A salty wave mingles with delicate driftwood while being anchored by woody cypress. A fresh and irresistible new classic.
    • 28 $
      Reverie was made with dreamy babes in mind. It's the perfect thing to take you from the late afternoon sun and slip you into inky black evenings. It's soft and strong, a powerful representation of two important human characteristics. Tonka bean, lavender and cedarwood create a beautiful combination you'll want to add to your daily routine.
    • 28 $
      This calming fragrance will turn any room into your personal oasis. A stunning blend of bergamot, green tea and light musk will have you daydreaming of Nordic spas and a luxurious 12 hours of sleep.
    • 28 $
      Distinctive lavender combines with sophisticated sandalwood for a pretty and luxurious fragrance. Soft and dreamy, this is a modern classic.
    • 28 $
      The perfect winter candle has arrived! Winter Solstice is a delicious combination of fresh peppermint, sweet vanilla and warm cinnamon. It'll be your signature seasonal scent in no time
    • 28 $
      This sparkling fragrance is full of joy with its sugary cotton candy and bright pop of zesty lime. An explosion of femininity and sweetness, this is a truly unique scent.
    • 28 $
      Intense and alluring, this fragrance was made with power in mind. The black cherry is delicious and strong, while the almond brings a vivid sweetness. Amber mixes throughout, grounding with a musky maturity.
    • 28 $
      A combination of bergamot, lemon and vanilla is soft yet silky. It will have you cancelling all your plans so you can stay in, snuggle up and just be.

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