10 oz CANDLE {Milk Jar Candle Co.}

10 oz CANDLE {Milk Jar Candle Co.}


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Milk Jar is a coconut-soy candle company in Calgary, Alberta that began in november 2016 to bring a clean burning candle to the local market. Their founder, Holly, grew up in the dreamy canadian west coast, which greatly influenced the smell and design of each product. Great care is taken in developing signature scents and hand pouring each and every candle in their Calgary factory.
With a unique crackling wood wick and minimalist design, Milk Jar candles are simple and appeal to all ages and genders, with an array of scents ranging from sweet and subtle to fresh and earthy.
They hand pour virgin coconut soy candles in small batches using natural wood wicks. They also have an original line of milk jars scented with fragrance oils and a natural line scented with plant-based essential oils to bring clean burning to the fullest potential!

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