Bountiful Harvest Workshop – September 29, 2023

Bountiful Harvest Workshop – September 29, 2023

In-Person Workshop


September 29, 2023

Start Time:

6:30 pm

Expected Class Duration:

1 - 2 hrs

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Introducing our highly anticipated “Bountiful Harvest Workshop” where you’ll learn to create a captivating wooden planter centerpiece. In this immersive experience, our expert instructors will guide you step by step, ensuring your masterpiece reflects the essence of the bountiful harvest.

Discover the art of combining seasonal blooms, lush foliage, and rustic elements in your wooden planter centerpiece. During this workshop you’ll unlock the secrets to balancing textures, colors, and shapes, creating a truly stunning display.

Immerse yourself in a creative oasis as you connect with fellow participants who share your passion for floral design. Our skilled instructors will share their expertise, empowering you to create a centerpiece that is uniquely yours. With their guidance, you’ll learn techniques to ensure your “Bountiful Harvest” centerpiece stands out and becomes a true work of art.

Embrace the beauty and warmth of the harvest season as you craft your wooden planter masterpiece. This workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills to create stunning “Bountiful Harvest” centerpieces time and time again.

Join us for the “Bountiful Harvest Workshop” and embark on a journey of creativity and inspiration. Reserve your spot now and get ready to unleash your artistic talent and celebrate the beauty of the harvest. Craft a centerpiece that will evoke the warmth, abundance, and joy of the bountiful harvest season.

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to bring the essence of the harvest into your home with our “Bountiful Harvest Workshop.” Join us and let the bountiful harvest inspire your creativity as you craft your own wooden planter centerpiece.

Reserve your spot today and let the “Bountiful Harvest Workshop” elevate your floral design skills to new heights. Experience the fulfillment of creating a wooden planter centerpiece that captures the essence of the bountiful harvest.


Where: Amborella Floral Warehouse 4030 8 St SE (TradeSpace Building)


When: 6:30 pm – September 29, 2023


What to Bring: Yourself! We will supply everything needed for the workshop!


Your ticket includes:

1 x Amborella Bountiful Harvest Centrepiece Workshop


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