Terms of Use

When order these beautiful flowers, I understand that:

Refund/Cancellation/Customization Policy

  • Flowers are a Natural Product and are guaranteed for 48 hours after delivery, I will contact Amborella within this window if there is an issue with my order
  • I will give at least 24 hours notice of any Changes to/cancel my order
  • Flower Requests will be considered but are not guaranteed

Delivery Policy

  • Florists need days off too! Delivery is unavailable on Sundays and Holidays are a no go.
  • I’m not ordering a pizza, I will leave the delivery timing to the professionals. Time of Delivery is variable and not customizable.
  • We are no longer offering same day delivery during the Holiday Season.
  • Same Day Pick-Up cut off time is 8 AM.
  • If I’m late in making a same day delivery order, Amborella Floral will deliver on the next business day because they’re super nice.
  • Amborella Floral reserves the right to reschedule my delivery if I fail to adhere to delivery requirements.
  • All rescheduled deliveries will incur an additional charge of $8 per additional attempt.
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