What’s in Season This Month: June

June 5, 2019


June 2019

In June you will see a lot of similarities to May, as the spring/summer blooms continue, but there are a few new additions! The biggest thing to notice this month is the quality and size of the product that we are receiving will be at its best! We receive our flowers from British Columbia growers, where spring is in full effect and summer is not far away; meaning the product that they are producing is at its peak for growing abilities! June is essentially the only full month of peonies in the shop, so it’s best to take full advantage of this and get them while you can! Lucky for us in Calgary, usually around the time that Peony season is ending in the shop, we can expect to see the blooms exploding in gardens all over the city! 

Below is a list of flowers that are in season this month that includes both repeats from May as well as new blooms for the month of June. We have also included a short list of flowers that are no longer in season so that you can be aware of their availability.


A continuation from May, astilbe is a summer staple for weddings and delicate floral arrangements.


New in this month, cosmos are an adorable addition to any arrangement with their daisy-shaped bloom on a long, delicate stem. They come in a variety of colours, but we absolutely love Chocolate Cosmos due to their rich brown petals and unique scent!


Dianthus look like little pom-poms on top of a stem. They come in several colours and include a puff of greenery with small blooms embedded throughout. This flower is great for filling small spaces in arrangements and adding texture.


Kalanchoe is one of the few flowers that we receive continuously year-round. It is a hearty flower which makes it great for at-home floral arrangements due to its long-lasting abilities. This time of year it just gets bigger and better!


A continuation from May and we aren’t upset about it since “lisi” is so pretty and comes in a variety of colours from deep purple to greenish-white.


With its spicy scent and fluffy blooms, Mathiola is another flower that is continuing from May, and one that we love to use in weddings.


Get them while you can because June is the only guaranteed full month of peonies!! You can expect to see several varieties available in June.


Similar to dianthus in its shape and usage in floral arranging, phlox is an adorable filler flower. What sets it apart is its multitude of blooms that come in many colours.


Scabiosa is another flower that you may notice in gardens around Calgary later in the summer in shades of white and purple/blue. It is a uniquely beautiful flower with a jagged petal shape that gives it a wildflower feel (as featured in the image at the top of this page).

Snap Dragons

Snaps continue to be a regular in the shop throughout June.


No longer in season

We are sad to see the following flowers go, but that’s why it is so helpful to understand the seasonal time frame of each flower so that you can enjoy them while they are here!

Blooming Peiris, hyacinth, ranunculus, tulips are no longer in season from B.C.


Extra info: roses, freesia, chrysanthemums, eucalyptus, salal, and mini cymbid orchids come in weekly year-round.


Thanks for reading about June’s seasonal blooms! We hope that this information is both informative and as interesting to you as it is to us at Amborella!


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