What’s in Season This Month: May

May 15, 2019

Clearly, not all flowers are available year-round, especially with our Canadian climates! At Amborella, we are proud to source 95% of our flowers from Canadian growers, but this means we need to be aware of what is in season each month of the year. By ordering seasonal blooms, we are able to provide the best quality of product along with the best pricing options for in-store, online, and wedding orders! When a flower is in season, it is bigger, heartier, and more abundant, which means we can order more of it into the shop, and it will be healthy and long-lasting.

Every month brings a new selection of seasonal flowers; while some months may have repeats from the month before, many desirable flowers (such as peonies and dahlias) have a shorter seasonal window, which is why it is nice to know ahead of time when to expect them! At Amborella, we receive flowers by truck from BC twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. Every week is a little different as we buy through an auction, but we maintain our set flower selection on a monthly basis. Our hope with this blog is to provide a guide for you to refer to when you are ordering flowers for any occasion, but especially when you are deciding what flowers would be ideal for your wedding!

MAY 2019

May is the beginning of many spring blooms in Canada, and when you will really start to notice a lot more colour being introduced into our designs. Flowers are starting to get a lot bigger this time of year, which is always a good thing, and we’re getting a lot more of them as we gear up for wedding season! The following flowers are what you can expect to see this month:



Astilbe is a very delicate flower that is often ordered for weddings in soft pink and white tones. This flower adds texture and height to bouquets and boutonnieres.

Blooming Pieris

A lesser-known flower that we get in the shop, blooming pieris has many bell-shaped white blooms that drape off of the central stem. These flowers add a beautifully romantic touch to bouquets and arrangements!


Hyacinth is a spring staple that we have had regularly for a while now. They have thick, spongy stems that are covered in tightly packed blooms, and once the blooms open, your home will be filled with an amazingly fragrant scent!


We receive kalanchoe in the shop year-round, but it is definitely bigger than ever this time of year. Kalanchoe is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a long-lasting flower that has a wild feel.


Lisianthus is a rose-lookalike due to its spiraled petals. Each stem has several branches with multiple blooms and buds.


Also known as stock, this tall fluffy flower has a unique, spicy scent and layers of cloud-like blooms.


Momoko’s are a type of disbud, and come in a soft purple colour. They are a very unique-looking flower due to their ball shape and tightly packed petals.


The long wait is over, and peonies are back for their short, but amazing season! Peonies come in several colour varieties, each of which has a slightly different petal shape, which makes them that much more special and unique! Nothing beats the smell of a freshly opened peony in the spring, and you’ll be dreaming of burying your nose in these beauties all winter long!


Physo bushes can be spotted around Calgary in many yards during the summer months. It has long stems of dark, round leaves, and blooms with delicate white flowers.

Queen Anne’s Lace

We receive a variety of flowers in the ammi majus family at this time of year. This delicate flower is an amazing filler for spring arrangements and is a great choice for wedding bouqets and centerpieces!


An absolute fan-favourite with their rose-like appearance, ranunculus are most abundant at this time of year and can be found in an assortment of colours. When we receive these flowers in the shop, they have much more wild look than what you may be used to seeing as they have many smaller “baby” stems branching off their main stem. We remove these stems as the flowers tend to get tangled together in a vase putting them at risk for breaking.


A spring staple that is available in a wide variety of colours, snapdragons add amazing texture and height to spring floral arrangements.


If you are a lover of delicate blooms, you’ll fall in love with spirea! It comes to us looking like a bundle of branches, but is eventually covered in tiny white blooms that at a whimsical touch to any arrangement!


We have been receiving tulips on a weekly basis for a while now, but you can continue to expect them in a wide variety of colours and shapes throughout spring!


Thanks for reading about our B.C.-grown flowers that are in season this month! We will continue to update our monthly seasonal blooms for you to learn about and enjoy!


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