Mini Mason Jar Arrangement

Mini Mason Jar Arrangement


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Our Mini Mason Jar Bouquet is a charming and delightful arrangement, perfect for adding a touch of floral beauty to any occasion. Artfully designed within a “mini” 16 oz Mason Jar, this bouquet features a delightful mix of seasonal flowers, creating a unique and endearing display.

Ideal for gifting, home decor, or simply brightening up your day, the Mini Mason Jar Bouquet offers a compact and stylish way to enjoy the beauty of fresh blooms. Each arrangement is crafted with care, ensuring a beautiful presentation that complements any setting.

Please note that exact stem colors and varieties will vary due to seasonal availability. However, our skilled designers will ensure that the arrangement remains within the selected color theme chosen, providing a consistently beautiful and cohesive look.

Experience the charm and elegance of our Mini Mason Jar Bouquet from Order now to add a touch of floral delight to your space or to surprise someone with a unique and thoughtful gift.

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