What sets us apart

What Sets us Apart

We Keep It Fresh

We know how important it is to have fresh flowers when it comes to looks and longevity in your home. We receive two large shipments of flowers from our suppliers throughout the week, ensuring that our cooler is always freshly stocked.

In addition, we take all week-old flowers every Thursday/Friday and sell them for 50% off in our online Flower Happy Hour Sale.


We Love This Earth

We do our best to ensure our environmental impact is as limited as possible. Currently 95% of the flowers Amborella sources are Canadian-grown, with the vast majority coming from Burnaby, B.C. This allows us to support our local growers and minimize our carbon footprint when it comes to shipping. Amborella also recycles all of the packaging, including anything from cardboard to soft plastics. Last but not least, Amborella wraps your flowers to go home with you in recycled burlap, sourced from our good friends at Kicking Horse Coffee, Rosso Coffee Roasters and Phil & Sebastian.

We Stick to What We Know

We keep it simple, and focus our energy where it matters… The Flowers! Amborella carries a small inventory of hard goods, but we make sure the spotlight is kept on our cut stems and plants. We are always looking for new and unique living product, and through great relationships with trusted growers, do our best to bring in the very best of the current season.

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